Fixtures and Appliances

Kitchen RepairIt may seem like hardware and department stores have a smaller selection these days, but just look at the catalogs in the store when you go shopping. Those models on the floor are just a tease. There are thousands of fixtures and plumbing appliances out there that you won't see on the showroom floor, but you'll see them online. Since you shop online for everything else, why not shop online for your plumbing fixtures? Sure, you might not get a chance to see them in person before you order - but we have, and our technicians can tell you if you're going in the right direction.

Our Wheat Ridge Plumbers have helped customers shop around for decades, and now we can help you shop online. If you want a hot water heater by American Standard or a garbage disposal by GE, we can often find better deals from the manufacturer than you'll find in stores. If you're open to some other possibilities, however, let us contact some of our affiliated manufacturers to find specialized hardware that can fit your needs while saving even more money.

Dual Flush Toilets

dual flush converterIf you have an older toilet, you could be wasting more on your water bill than you realize. Older toilets can use significantly more water than you really need, raising your monthly water bill and putting strain on Wheat Ridge's water infrastructure. Consider upgrading your toilets today to dual flush models. Manufactured by long-standing industry leaders like American Standard and Toto, the dual flush toilet is the smart and easy way to conserve water. One flushing option uses the standard 1.6 gallons of water to flush, but the other, for liquid waste, uses significantly less. Speak with your Wheat Ridge plumbers about an upgrade today.

Tankless Water Heaters

Local: media/images/sidebar_tanklessheater.pngTankless water heaters, dual flush toilets, and motion operated sinks are now available for your home. If you're interested in upgrading your appliances to take advantage of smarter technologies, give us a call and one of our Wheat Ridge plumbers will help you through the selection process. We'll also install it for you and service it for years to come.